WF Company is the Whole Sale Product connecting resellers and Consumer. WF Company is successful eCommerce business for the Retailers. Ideal bussiness deals for the Small Business. Wf Help grow your Profit and customers experience. Welcome to worlfahion.com(WFcompany), Where you can Buy online. This Security and Privacy Policy (the “Agreement” or “Policy”) is entered into between you as a registered user of the site (“Registered User”) and Worlfahion co. The security of your personal information is very important to us and we value your trust highly. Any personal information you provide to us and will only use such information as we have described herein. By your use and access of the Site, you accept this Security and Privacy Policy.

What personal information do we collect?

You may choose to use or access our Site without revealing any personal and transactional information about yourself, but you will DON NOT need to register and create an account in order to make a purchase or take advantage of certain features and functions. As set forth in more detail below, WorlFahion collects personal information that you provide when using the Payment Getway PayPal Site. This information includes your first and last name, email address, a Shipping Address and other information required. In addition to the personal information we may collect and process during Purchase and any surveys, we also collect, store and process the following information about our users: 1. Purchase Information When you make a purchase from WorlFahion.com, we collect your name ,Shipping Address, and payment method information . We May store you Pucrchase Record information to our server for some times. Payment proccesed By PayPal ,so all personal info stays with PayPal. Worlfahion Do not Collect any Financial information from Buyer. buy Should only use Paypal as payment method at worlfahion.com 3. Cookies and Other Computer Information We Do not use Cookies file at buyrs side. Buer Should always be Clearing Cookie Files.

How we use your personal information?

We do not sell, loan, trade or exchange any user’s personal information except The information we collect on the Site While shopping experience in the following ways: worlfahion.com DOES NOT allow any third Seller to list thier Product on worlfahion.com Deliver merchandise and services that you purchase online; Confirm your orders;

How worlfahion.com Proccess Your Order

1.buyer Select Product they want to Pucrchase.

2. Buyer choose check out with PayPal Button.

3.than Buyer Pays with PayPal Register And Veryfied Account.

4.Once Buyer Paid for the order ,Buyer will be head back to Worlfahion.com

5.Than worlfahion.com will collect Buyers Name, Product Pucrchased information, shipping and Phone number of buyers From PayPal.

6. Than worlfahion.com will forward that information to Supplier to for the shippment to be sent to buyer.

7.Buer agreed to at least forward shipping information to Shipper which can be In China or Canada, Where Buyer has choosen to buy it From.


We realize that making purchases on the Site, or any other web site, requires trust on your part. We value your trust very highly and pledge to you, our clients, that we will work hard to protect the security and privacy of any personal information you provide to us and that your personal information will only be used as set forth in this Policy. This includes your name, address, phone number, email address or Shipping information,